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Geologic Models in Carbon Sequestration

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Otway Project schematic

Course Overview:
This course covers the fundamental concepts involved in developing geologic models used in successful carbon sequestration.  It provides an overview of reservoir characterization, discusses fluid dynamics, and discusses risks and challenges both theoretical and those encountered in current cases.

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to define carbon capture and sequestration, explain how and when it is used, discuss geological characteristics of suitable formations, describe fluid dynamics, and discuss current cases of where and how geological models have been developed in conjunction with CCS.

This course is designed for self-study, with resources and activities for each topic.

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Geological Characterization of reservoirs used in carbon sequestration is the key to success.

About this Course
Unit I: Reservoir Characterization
Unit II:  Evaluating Reservoirs
Unit III:  Fluid Dynamics
Unit IV:  Modeling Challenges and Cases

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