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Introduction to Shale Gas

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Course Overview:
Shale gas represents an important direction in hydrocarbon exploration and production.  Success in shale play production requires an understanding of the complex nature of heterogeneous reservoirs.  This course introduces the learner to the fundamentals of shale gas, including current theories that explain its origin, and how to determine which reservoirs are commercially viable.

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to analyze, compare, and contrast shale plays in the United States and to identify emerging areas in the world.  You will be able to identify major plays, describe the productive formations, and to discuss the technologies that are implemented in order for the formation to produce gas in sufficiently quantities to be economically viable.

Key Concepts:

**shale gas
**naturally fractured reservoirs
**heterogeneity in formations
**horizontal drilling
**geochemistry of shale gas
**thermal maturation

About this Course
Unit I:  Definition of Shale Gas
Unit II:  Early Shale Plays
Unit III:  Recent and Emerging Shale Plays
Unit IV:  New Technologies, New Techniques

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