Energy Strategy, Technology, and Current Issues in the Oil Industry
Energy Overview / Current Issues in Energy

Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D.

Environmental challenges in the Energy Industry / Oil and Gas Exploration

Concerns about spills, emissions, and pollution of aquifers has made environmental protection a hot button issue, with numerous activists and activist groups. New regulations make obtaining permits, and also compliance quite difficult.
Environmental concerns include (but are not confined to) the following areas:
    Noise pollution and negative electromagnetic fields around wind farms;
    Water usage which exacerbates shortages during a drought (hydraulic fracturing, etc.)
    Disposing of flowback and produced water
    Hydraulic fracturing: ground water pollution plus induced seismicity
    Oil spills
    Workplace accidents and catastrophic explosions (example:Macondo)
    Infrastructure impacts on the environment:  high-voltage cross-country electricity transmission line, pipeline through wilderness areas and fragile ecosystems
    Induced seismicity due to injection of water
    Toxic elements used in solar photovoltaic batteries

Oil and Gas: How we're reducing harmful impacts

Water Processing Options / Approaches (Lewis Environmental Presentation)

Environmental Impact by Energy Source

Energy and Environment: Challenges and Opportunities

Guiding Questions:
How can environmental issues impact an energy company?
What are some of the most publicized environmental issues?  Name a few examples.